7 Excellent Day Trading Blogs You Should Read

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7 Excellent Day Trading Blogs You Should Read

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You’ve probably noticed that Day Trading is getting bigger and bigger in recent years, with a growth rate that remains constant.

Day Trading Key Volume (Google Ads)
Day Trading Key Volume (Google Ads)
"Day Trading"  Trend in Exploding Topics [2019-2023]

Why reading blogs is important

As a day trader, it is always important for you to spend some time every day reading. This involves reading the latest news from some of the best news platforms in the world like Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. It also involves reading at books on finance and other fields.

Most importantly, we recommend that you spend a lot of time reading blogs and anything that will add value to your trading career. Some of the benefits of reading trading blogs are the following.

1. Learn new skills

There are many financial bloggers around. These bloggers tend to write on different topics and highlight different strategies. Some focus on technical analysis while others focus on fundamental analysis.

Other bloggers focus on other areas of trading like algorithmic trading among others. Therefore, reading these blogs regularly will open you to new skills that you can apply to your trading.

2. Finding news

Some bloggers focus purely on news. Therefore, if you find a good blog, you will be at a better position to get the latest news and information. You can then apply these news events to your trading.

Usually it’s not convenient to rely on only one source anyway, but compose your own feed with 3/4 quality sources to always have proof (and avoid untruthful leaks).

3. Trading ideas

Another reason why reading blogs make sense is that it can help you find new ideas. Some bloggers focus on analyzing assets and then writing about them. Therefore, as a trader, you will likely get fresh ideas that will complement your trading strategy.

4. Find a new community

Most blogs have a comment section where people comment on ideas and other stories. At times, this comment platform or forum can lead to a bigger trading community. That community will help you in your trading journey.

The best day trading blogs

This is why We took some time to find, read and select the Best Day Trading Blogs on the internet. Here’s our list.

  1. Real Trading – We don’t want to self celebrating, but our Blog section is truly one of the most interesting you can find surfing the web. Here you can find 3 new posts every week about trading or tips to use in your day trading strategies like technical indicators or patterns.
  2. TradingSim Blog – Simply one of the most complete day trading blogs around. Their Day Trading Psychology articles are impressive, and usually you can learn a lot from reading them. Add the website to your bookmarks!
  3. Greg Harmon’s Dragonfly Capital – Greg’s free posts are often high level overviews of the premium articles and macro economic events, from the Top 10 Trade Ideas for the Week, Macro Week In Review/Preview, and Sector Analysis.
    The Top 10 Trade Ideas are screened against the potential to provide a 5 – 10% return in under 10 trading days.
  4. Earn2Trade – Earn2Trade is one of the leading financial blogs in the world. The authors write on different topics such as on indicators and strategies in general. Some of the most important topics in the blog are on indicators like moving aerages and how to build your discipline. We recommend that you use the website to polish your skills.
  5. Marctomarket – If you are a forex trader, Marc to Market is one of the best blogs for you. It is written by Marc Chandler, one of the best-known figures in the forex market. He makes regular appearances on media platforms like CNBC and Bloomberg. In this blog, he writes about current affairs and gives predictions on currency pairs.
  6. Trading With Rayner – Rayner Teo is a Singapore citizen who runs Trading With Rayner. It is a popular blog where he writes on all topics of the market. You will find all topics about the forex market in this site. You should visit it often to learn new strategies in the market,
  7. IG – IG is a leading publicly-traded forex and CFD broker valued at over $3 billion. It has hundreds of thousands of clients globally. In its website, IG has a good blog that is written well.
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