Trading Simulator

TMS™: As Real as It Gets, Minus the Risk.

Smart traders limit their losses and optimize for profit. That’s why we encourage our traders to use the TMS™️ trading simulator before putting real money on the line. You get the full experience of trading on 50+ global markets for stocks, futures, options, and crypto, but without risk. 

It’s the Best Way to Beat the Market … and the Competition.

F1 drivers, fighter pilots, and surgeons all use simulators to sharpen their skills, rehearse tactics, and develop new techniques – even when they’re at the top of their game. At Real Trading, we use the TMS trading simulator the same way. Unlike other trading firms, our simulator gives you prices in real time. 

The TMS trading simulator lets you:

Test your strategies using real prices and market dynamics
Maybe you’re exploring a new market or thinking about trading a new asset. The simulator lets you get a feel for the market and asset behavior without losing money or paying trading fees.

Get real-time quotes on assets
Some simulators are built to deliver data on a delay. It’s cheaper to build the software that way. Not at Real Trading. Trading in TMS looks and feels exactly like trading on the live market, but without putting any real money at risk.

Prove your profit potential
If you’ve recently completed our training course, then trading on the TMS is your next step. You don’t pay any fees to trade, and the system tracks your net profit so you know exactly how well you performed.

Earn the right to make trades using our capital
Real Trading wants to fund the best traders in the world. One of the ways we do that is by watching a new trader’s activity in TMS to assess their abilities. Just because it’s a simulation doesn’t mean it’s a game – your TMS trades are the proof we need. 

Answer Every “What If?” with a Simulated Trade.

TMS allows traders, including our funded traders, to explore and test new strategies without putting real capital at risk. 

Got a hunch or a crazy theory? The TMS lets you learn fast and maximize your trading profitability. 

Every short-term trader needs a risk management system to limit losses and increase profits. This article is a great primer.

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