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Trading successfully on the global markets requires determination and attention to detail. Because we’ve been doing this for nearly 20 years, we can shorten the learning curve for most traders. Completing our trader certification training courses will get you trading faster and more profitably.

Learn To Trade: Our Certification Courses

Our learning management system provides you with access to all of our trading courses, including:

The Introductory Trading Course*

online trading training course
  1. Market Story
  2. Market Fundamentals I
  3. Market Fundamentals II
  4. Trading Psychology
  5. PPRO8 Trading Software
  6. Halts and Circuit Breakers
  7. Extended Hours and Auctions
  8. Liquidity
  9. Dark Liquidity
  10. Trading Strategies

The Advanced Trading Course*

  1. Asset Types, Markets, Tips & Tricks
    • Futures
    • Currency
    • The Brazilian Stock Exchange
    • The Trader Information Portal
  2. PPro8 Tools and Training
    • Stop Orders
    • Basket Orders
    • The Quote Board
    • Imbalance Locator
    • Charting Basics
    • Advanced Charting
    • PPro API

The PPro8™️ Tips Course

  1. Stop Limit Orders
  2. Stock Window Customization
  3. Chart Customization
  4. Chart Visualizations
  5. Layout Backup
  6. Multi Charts
  7. S&P 500 Tracking
  8. Economic Calendar
  9. Platform Colours
  10. Charting Indicators
  11. Quote Board Customization
  12. Wiki Adventures
  13. Layout Placement
  14. Summary Window Customization
  15. Differences Between Forex and Stock Trading

Webinar Recordings

Trading Floor Manager Training**

*Available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin.
**Qualification required.

What to Expect in Our Trading Courses

All trading courses are available online, 24/7. Each course includes instructional videos followed by brief quizzes to help cement what you learned. Once you’ve completed the course and achieved a passing grade on the quizzes, you’ll receive a digital certificate of completion.

Once you’ve passed the Introductory and Advanced courses, you’re ready for the TMS™ trading simulator. The trading simulator lets you test your knowledge using real market data but without the risk of losing real money.

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