Prop vs Funded Trading

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Want to know an ugly secret about most of the firms that advertise as “prop” or proprietary firms? They make more money when your trades fail.

The best prop (“proprietary trading”) firms help their traders succeed in building a career. And when their individual traders beat the market, the prop firm shares in the profit.

Don’t fall for fake prop trading firms.

Prop Trading Should Be a Win-Win.

When you work with Real Trading, here’s what you get:

Funded Trading Firms Love It When You Lose.

Read the fine print from most “prop” trading firms and you’ll learn that they take half your profits and you shoulder all losses. They’re not prop traders at all. They’re funded trading firms that want you to become a funded trader so they can profit when you lose.

In short, you’re betting against the house and just like real-world casinos, the house always wins in the long run.

Here’s what to expect when you work with a funded trading firm (or one posing as a prop firm):

Launch Your Trading Career.

At Real Trading, our business is designed to help intelligent traders make money and limit losses. Our prop trading firm is always looking for people with creative ideas and trading strategies that can beat the market.
proptrading career

Here’s our process in three simple steps:


Provide professional training along with proprietary CubeX hardware and the PPro8 trading platform.

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Let you prove your performance in a simulated trading environment.

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Give you more capital and freedom to trade as you build a history of successful trades.

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Why shoulder all the risk when the rewards can be bigger on our team?

We take sharp, capable traders and turn them into superstars.

50+ markets are waiting for you to dominate as a trader.