Trading Certification

Train Like a Pro, Trade Like a Pro

Since 2012 we’ve trained professional traders across the globe. With your intelligence and our trading expertise, we can both profit from the results. With our trading certification, you can take the first step toward the live market and real money.

Trading Certification

Our Introductory and Advanced Trader Courses are simple to understand, and available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin. You’ll learn about market fundamentals, market indexes, circuit breakers, halts, trading timelines, and much more. All traders must complete a compliance-focused exam before graduation to Live/Funded trader.

1. Train at Your Own Pace

All our training courses are available online. You can study the videos and take tests as fast or slow as you want.

2. Test Your Skills

Use our TMS™️ simulator to test your strategies in action, without the risk of losing real money.

3. Make Real Money

Smart and experienced traders can get approved for real markets very quickly. Once you’ve proven your skills, we start funding your trades. 

Real Trading. Real Markets. Real Money.

Certification and Coaching

Real Trading certification courses are the foundation of trading success. Our community of experts can also help you reach new levels. 

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Hardware and Software

You get our proprietary hardware and software for direct market access. These tools are the keys to making profitable trades.

We Fund Your Trades

Get certified. Pass the simulator. Pay the small required training fees and start trading for real money. The more you win, the more funding we offer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have no previous experience. Can I succeed as a trader?

If you’re willing to study the courses and learn from our experts, you can make a career as a successful trader.

That depends on how fast you can digest the information and pass the tests. Some traders get certified very quickly. Others may require months before they pass the tests. 

The training courses are set up with individual lessons and quizzes. You can take each quiz multiple times if needed. Failed attempts do not count against you. You just need more time to absorb the information.

The initial setup fee is US$500, which provides access to the training course and simulator. On completion of our training course an additional training fee gets you direct access to the market and provisional funding from Real Trading.

Real Trading is a proprietary trading firm. No other firm offers our hardware and software tools. With the right tools and training, you can trade your way to wealth. 

Our top traders can make between USD$1,000-30,000 per month. Success is based on your skills, strategy, and desire to win. We don’t guarantee that you’ll make money, but we’ve done everything we can to make it easier for you. 

You can speak with one of our recruiters and we’ll start processing your application. For only USD $500, we’ll send you our proprietary hardware, the CubeX™️, and access to our trading software, PPro8™️. You’ll also get access to the training modules and TMS simulator. 

We Power Your Trading Destiny for the Long Term.

We take sharp, capable traders and turn them into superstars.

50+ markets are waiting for you to dominate as a trader.

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