How Day Traders Can Leverage TraderTv’s YouTube Channel

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How Day Traders Can Leverage TraderTv’s YouTube Channel

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YouTube is one of the most important websites in the world with over 2.68 billion monthly active users. It hosts millions of videos, with many more added every day.

YouTube is also one of the best educational resources where you can learn about anything. In this article, we will explain how traders can use TraderTV to become successful traders.

What is TraderTV?

TraderTV is a YouTube channel owned by our parent company at Real Trading. It is a large and growing YouTube channel that hosts quality trading education materials, interviews with senior corporate executives, and live trading sessions.

The YouTube channel is hosted by Shawn, Neil, and Brandon, who have more than two decades experience in the industry.

The three are full-time day traders and are some of the most successful operators of a Real Trading floor. As a result, anyone can take advantage of their experience to learn more about the market.

TraderTv is different from other financial YouTube channels because of the live day trading features. Other channels, including CNBC, provide experts talking about the financial market but don’t provide them with live trading.

Watching experts day trade is one of the most important ways to learn about trading and investing. It is actually the best approach for two main reasons:

  • The traders use a live account that has real money and not a demo account
  • Traders apply the concepts that they teach in a live account.

Who can benefit from TraderTV?

Any person interested in the financial market can benefit from watching TraderTV. Experienced and professional traders and investors can use the channel to learn new skills. We believe that anyone, regardless of their experience, can learn substantially from the channel.

For example, professional traders with decades of experience can listen to interviews from CEOs and learn something from them. They can also expand their knowledge on some finance concepts like technical and fundamental analysis.

A must-have for beginners

Beginners have a lot to gain by watching TraderTv. First, the channel hosts some of the most important trading educational materials.

For example, it has important concepts like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, trading journal and others. The hosts don’t cover everything in these topics. Instead, they cover relevant materials that they use in day trading.

Second, beginners can watch and learn the thought process that goes into a trade. Instead of reading literature online, you can watch real traders research and do analysis on trades and then execute them. Through this, you can watch them both make and lose money.

Third, beginners can interact directly with the hosts during the live trading session. They are an active team that answers questions from the community members.

Finally, they can use the channel to get trading ideas. Anyone can benefit from this. For example, if your plan was to trade Apple, you might see a good trading opportunity to trade another company like Tesla or Microsoft by looking at the channel.

In some cases, you can even copy their trades.

Ways to use Tradertv

There are different ways to use the TraderTV YouTube channel. First, you can use it to learn different concepts on trading.

The website hosts hundreds of videos where the hosts talk about various trading concepts like technical analysis, news analysis, and other types. These hosts talk about these topics while providing real-world examples.

Second, you can use the channel to find trading opportunities. The hosts are live from Monday to Friday, where they do analysis and execute trades. For example, they always do a short video explaining the most active trades in premarket trading. You can use that video to find new opportunities.

The live day trading session starts at 8:30am and runs to 2pm. They then cover the close of the session from 2:00pm to 4pm. This means that you have access to experienced traders on a daily basis. Their live trading sessions are extremely popular, with most of them having more than 50,000 streamers in the whole day.

Third, you can use the channel to get corporate news. The hosts have access to all the tools used by professional Wall Street traders. Therefore, you can use the website to find the latest news on companies and other financial assets like crypto and commodities.

Fourth, TraderTV users have access to a daily newsletter or watchlist that has a look at the top movers and their catalysts. The email is sent every day and has actionable content that you can use to trade.

Finally, potential Real Trading customers can learn about how the PPRO8 trading software works. The traders use the software to analyze and make decisions on their trades.

Is it possible to copy trade TraderTV?

It is possible to copy trades executed by the team since they execute them live and justify what they are doing. However, it is not always recommended to just copy.

As you will find out, not all their trades are usually profitable. Therefore, you should instead watch the content and then use that knowledge to trade.

Doing that will help you in several ways. For example, it will help you learn and apply the trading concepts that you watch from the pros.

Further, it will help you be a better independent trader. For example, you will still be a great trader even if the channel is closed.


This article has looked at what TraderTv is and why it is a good YouTube channel to follow. And unlike other popular YouTube channels with live trading, TraderTV is free.

You don’t have to pay a one-off or monthly fee to access the content. You can even download the videos and watch them at a later date. We have also looked at the benefits of using the channel.

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