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To succeed as a global trader, you need technology that’s powerful and built for speed. That’s why Real Trading has spent more than 12 years perfecting our trading platform. It’s the best on the market because it’s the same technology we use to make our trades.

With our hardware and software, you get direct market access! No delayed prices. No CFD (contract for difference) trades. Every trade you make with our technology is the real thing.

PPro8™ Trading Platform.

PPro8 trading platform

We’ve been continuously improving the PPro8 trading platform for more than 12years. No platform lets you execute trades faster or have as much control over your trading strategy and data.

  • Delivers real-time quotes and executions faster than ever before.
  • Direct market access means you have the ultimate tool for making winning trades.
  • Includes a fully customizable chart window to display the data that matters to you.
  • Select the indicators you want to monitor a stock’s behavior and trends.
  • Real-time view of supply and demand for any instrument.
  • Review your order activity and trading history.
  • Export data for detailed analysis.
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts to fit your workflow. 
  • We regularly release new software features based on your feedback.

CubeX™ Trading Device.

CubeX™ Trading Device

The CubeX is your gateway to the world of Real Trading. This advanced router integrates with your existing technology setup and gives you access to the networks and data you need to access exchanges and perform trades.

It includes:

  • 99.999% uptime
  • Access to 50+ global trading markets
  • Support for 1 gigabit (1000 megabits) ethernet LAN (local area network)
  • Intelligent packet routing and enhanced packet management
  • Dedicated technical support

CubeX hardware ensures you have the best network connectivity, without the need for a full time IT team.

Real Trading API

Trading API

If you have an established trading office and want to use your own technology, you can still leverage our platform. Using the Real Trading API, you can get direct access to global markets through our connections and trade just like you would using the CubeX and PPro8 combination.

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