How to be a Successful Trader: from Zero to Hero

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How to be a Successful Trader: from Zero to Hero

become a successful trader from zero

The financial market can be rewarding to both investors and traders. In fact, in the list of the world’s richest, the people who have made a fortune in the financial sector.

Warren Buffet comes to mind as a person who has made billions of dollars as an investor in a span of more than 70 years. Other investors like Ken Griffin have made money by being traders. This has given him a fortune of more than $12 billion.

This article will explains a simple process through which a beginner can get started in the financial market.

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Know Yourself

We can call it as a pre-stage. Before moving from a novice trader to a professional you need to know yourself.

Taking time to assess yourself is important because it will determine the type of trader that you are. Some of the top approaches you can decide to use in trading are:

  • Scalping – A scalper is a day trader who focuses on the extreme short-term. In most cases, they use charts that are less than 5 minutes and hold trades for a few minutes.
  • Day trader – This is a trader who executes several trades per day. They also use short-term charts to ensure that trades don’t last overnight.
  • Position-trader – This is a trader who believes in buying and holding a financial asset for several weeks or months.
  • Value investor – A value investor is someone who buys an undervalued asset and holds it for a long time.

This is only a fraction of what you need to choose to become a professional trader. Your risk aversion (or risk-reward ratio) can help you choose your path, just like the amount of time you can devote to being a trader.

Become Successful step-by-step

It would be nice to start our career as traders and immediately become professionals who generate big profits. Unfortunately, this is not possible, at least in 99.9% of cases.

Starting to understand this and dealing with trading like any other job is the first step in making the switch from amateur trader to pro trader.

These are the steps that must make up your road to success.

1.  Interest

You need to have interest in the financial market. Without interest, it will be almost impossible for you to succeed as a trader. This is true in all other fields. For example, to be a successful teacher, you need to love teaching.

Similarly, to be a successful truck driver, you need to have interests in the field. Therefore, you should ensure that you have an interest about the market.

In some cases, you might have interest in a single sector like cryptocurrencies or stocks. Without this interest, you will not succeed as a trader. Also, you will not enjoy the entire process.

2.  Learning

You need to spend your time learning about the market. There are many ways to learn about this. For example, you can read books or the relative ebook you can buy online.

Alternatively, you can enroll to an online class using platforms like Udemy and Udacity. These online ‘schools’ will give you the knowledge and expertise of doing the trading. Of course, we have our own Training Program.

There are several parts for learning about trading. For example, you should learn more about how the market works and then shift to the practical part. This is where you will create a viable trading strategy. Some of the most important concepts to learn are:

  • Technical analysis – This is an important part of any trading. It deals with analyzing charts in order to determine whether a financial asset’s price will rise or fall.
  • Fundamental analysis – This is the approach that involves looking at the intrinsic value of any asset and key macro movers. For example, in the stock market, you can look at things like valuations and macro data.
  • Copy-trading – You can also learn more about copy-trading. It is a simple approach where you simply copy trades from other experienced traders automatically.

Furthermore, you can also learn more about the various types of assets in the financial market. As a trader, you don’t need to know more about everything. Instead, you can learn and be an expert in just a few assets. Examples of these assets are stocks, cryptocurrencies, and bonds.

3. Start from somewhere

You need to start trading and investing! Learning alone will not help you become a successful trader. Instead, you should do the best you can to start investing. Practice day trading is way more valuable than just study it.

Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of money to do this. Indeed, there are platforms that can give you an opportunity to trade with as little as $100, or you can try our ultrafast and powerful TMS.

As you start, you will make mistakes, which is fine. It is these mistakes that will help you become a better trader.

4. Don’t stop to do what you are doing

Keep your job or continue with your education. As you start the trading career, you might be tempted to drop out of school or quit your job. This is wrong because of the risks associated with the financial market. This means that you can see your profits disappear within a day.

Therefore, to mitigate these risks, you need to continue with your normal duties while simultaneously trading. This will give you money in the two sides. Several strategies allow you to generate profits while trading part-time.

But when you feel you are ready, you can make the switch from trading in your spare time to full-time trader (or office manager)

5. Do Fundraising

You should now start fundraising to grow your funds. This stage should take a few years of generating consistent returns.

If you have a successful track record of generating returns, you should raise funds from your family and friends. These funds will help you increase your returns. They will also help you achieve more success by helping you be more grounded.

However, you need to remember a few things:

  • Raise only a few amount of money in the first place. You don’t want to raise money that you can’t handle.
  • You should have a legal binding document to caution you from liabilities. This is a common mistake that many money managers do. Without the legal document, the investors can easily sue you.
  • Be honest to your investors. In this, you should update them periodically about the performance of the fund. You can do this in a weekly email explaining the performance of the fund.

A better method is to rely on a proprietary trading firm such as Real Trading to gain access to more funds.

If you would like more information on how proprietary trading works, we have a comprehensive guide that may be helpful.

How long does it take to be a trader?

A common question among many people is on how long it takes to become a good trader. The right answer is that it depends on several things.

First, it depends on the time that a person spends learning about the process. Full-time learners can take at least six months to become a good trader. On the other hand, a person learning on a part-time basis can take more than a year because of the amount of work involved.

To become a good trader, you should learn the theory of how the market works and then spend more time crafting and backtesting your strategy.

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