Blue Ocean

Market Details

Blue Ocean is a technology company that provides access to a live and actionable stream of financial product tick data. These data reflect the content of a liquidity pool in the U.S.

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Trading Hours: Sunday–Thursday 8:00 PM–4:00 AM ET.

Blue Ocean follows the U.S. market calendar as published by the NYSE.

  • Order Types: only Limit Day orders are currently available

Basic Market Rules

  • Lot Size: 100 shares.
  • Tick Size: varies by price and security.
  • Short Sale Rules: naked short sales are prohibited. Short-selling on this market is currently unavailable.

Fee Structure & Rebate

Recently, Blue Ocean ATS has expanded its market center to include leading broker-dealers on its platform that offers investors and traders the ability to trade via its Blue Ocean Session from 8:00 P.M.-4:00 A.M. ET. It also adopted a new fee structure that pays a rebate of 0.0006 per share on transactions that add liquidity and charges 0.002 per share on transactions that remove liquidity.

Overnight Position

Please inform your trader of this opportunity and remind them that any outstanding position (i.e. any position leftover after 4:00 A.M. ET) will be treated as an overnight position in this market. As the underlying security trades during U.S. hours, significant price movements are expected. Therefore, the risk is significant to hold an outstanding position and may incur an additional fee. Please cover your traders’ positions before the market closes at 4:00 A.M. ET.

Market Summary

  • In the platform, we manage this as a separate Market with extension BL
  • Blue Ocean market hours are Sunday–Thursday, 8:00 PM –4:00 AM ET
  • Blue Ocean follows the U.S. market calendar, as published by the NYSE
  • Order Type: only Limit Day orders are currently available

To begin trading on it, traders will need to configure their Keyboard Setup for Market Blue Ocean in the APAC Region. Additionally, managers will need to request equity buying power in USD currency, under the ASIA-PACIFIC region in the TMS Metro Buying Power process, for their traders.

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