Australia Futures

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ASX 24 Futures represent the listed futures contracts on the Australian Securities Exchange.


Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Trading calendar
Trading hours


You can use the following formula to calculate the contract value for each futures series. This value represents the amount of Buying Power (BP) you would need to trade a single contract.

ASX 200 SPI Futures: contract value = price * A$25

The symbology format is as follows:



  • CC: contract code, e.g., AP
  • M: month code, e.g., H
  • YY: year code (last two digits of the year), e.g., 16

For example, ASX SPI 200 futures with March 2016 expiration would be: AP\H16

Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with the expiration dates of the contract and the universal month codes for them. See the Expiry calendar page for contract expiry dates. The month codes to denote contract expiration months can be found on the Contract Month Codes page.

Order Types

  • Limit Buy/Sell→ShortSell (Day)

Basic Market Rules

  • Lot Size: 1 contract.
  • Tick Size: varies, please refer to contract specifications.
  • Circuit Breakers: although the ASX has not established fixed thresholds for circuit breakers or trading halts, trading in a company’s shares may be halted from time to time for market-sensitive announcements or at the request of the company.

Additional Info

For more information, see the ASX 24 Operating Rules page.

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