Trade Smart, Not Hard.

Real Trading: Winning Traders Start With Us.

Beating the markets takes courage and intelligence, but without the right tools and capital, you’ll always lose to the big trading firms. That’s why the most successful independent traders bet on themselves and use partnerships to get ahead.

Real Trading is a partner you can trust. We only succeed when your career grows.

400 M

Shares traded worldwide per day

$ 3 B

Value of trades per day

50 +

Trade the Top Global Markets

3 K

Community Support Across 90 Countries

Learn How to Trade Like a Pro.

We’ve been training professional traders since 2012. Our introductory course will teach you everything about making profitable trades using our proprietary software, PPro8™. No doubt, you have trading secrets to beat the market. This course is our secret for partners only. Once you get certified, you can start trading for real.

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F1 Drivers Use a Simulator. So Do We.

The best racing drivers in the world train in a simulator before they race on a track. Our professional traders show off their skills in the TMS™ simulator to ensure minimal losses and optimal trades. First, learn the technology, then test your trading theories. You’ll make money faster when you trade for real.

Our Information Builds Your Power.

Beyond our training programs, you’ll gain access to a community of expert traders who share your passion and motivation to make money. Whether you’re talking to one of our seasoned experts, reading a blog, or checking out the latest episode of TraderTV.Live, you’ll never be trading alone.

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Real Trading can make you a better trader. Period.

Your Ticket To Financial Opportunity Is USD $500.

Real Trading isn’t for everyone. We only want smart, motivated people who want to work as professional traders. There are no tricks here – only a commitment to building the most profitable trading network on the planet.

Your Proprietary CubeX™ Router Unlocks Access To:

– Certification courses to become a professional trader

– PPro8™ — the world’s fastest trading software

– 50+ global markets with our CubeX™ hardware

– The TMS™ trading simulator

– Membership in our online coaching program

– 24/7 technical support

Real Traders Trade Better.

Prop Trading Works

When you join a proprietary trading team, you get access to training, funding, and technology that gives you a competitive edge.

Affordable Start-up Costs

If you’ve got the smarts and the passion, we’ll help you succeed. That's why the startup cost is only $500. And eventually, you use our capital to trade, which unlocks huge earning potential.

Proven Success

For more than a decade, we’ve been building successful trading floors and supporting professional traders. We can accelerate your winning strategies.

Your Career as a Professional Trader Starts Now.

Our business succeeds when you do. Everything we’ve built is designed to take sharp, capable traders and turn them into superstars. Need training? We have it. Need technology? We have it. Need funding for your trades? We offer that, too. 

50+ markets are waiting for you to dominate as a trader. What are you waiting for?

Day Trade the World is now Real Trading